Our history


On March 29th 1961 The Board of Administration of the social winery of Valdarno has been reunited in order to create a superior association composed by the companies owned by the noble families of the territory. Thinking about the particular orographic position of Valdarno Superiore, placed between Florence and Arezzo, more specifically, in the locality of Ponte delle Forche, which in the middle of San Giovanni Valdarno and Figline Valdarno. After two years, renovation work begun and it was finally inaugurated on the 21st of September of 1964, which came out as an year full of success, both associates and production doubled in a time-record, and this brought the company to the have possibility of expanding its capacity, until 1966 where the company englobed new estates becoming much stronger


60's 80's

In 1968 the wine expert Paolo Failli was nominated as board director, and he will pursue to lead the company for over 40 years. Since the beginning of the 70s the board was willing to expand the capacity of the company, because the has a growing need of production since with the FEOGA plan many new hectares of vineyard have been planted. At the beginning of the 80s the company registered a good increase of the contributes which gave the possibility to the company to expand.

90's 00's

During the mid 90s the company’s business capacity was about 8 billions of liras, so the board decided to embrace the new challenge of becoming direct producer of grapes by buying many other hectares of vineyards. By the end of the 90s had reached an economic balance of 25 billions of liras. In 2000 difficulties and economic struggle started to attack the company bringing it to a decline. In 2011 the winery celebrates its 50th anniversary in a serious situation of economic downfall until 2017 when the Minister of Economic development declared liquidation of the cooperative.




During September 2017 Casa Vinicola Poletti entered into business and rented the cooperative. Afterwards the Cantina Valdarno SRL was officially formed, which managed the production and sale of bulk wine, bottling and its commerce, moreover the company manages a local shop that sells not only the company wine but also wine excellences of Casa Vinicola Poletti in addition of an accurate selection of typical indigenous products of Tuscany ( cured meats, cheeses, oil, legumes, honey, sauces, pasta and others typicality). In Cantina Valdarno SRL, during the year of 2022, it has been vilified over 22.000QL of grapes, of which 7000 from the owned vineyards of Casa Vinicola Poletti, the remaining part has been accurately selected from agricultures in the surroundings, many of those were once associates of the cooperative. The Canutiva Valdarno is also helping the surroundings farmers that don’t have the possibility to make their own wine by buying their grapes in order to make the internal production. The company has now reached almost 30.000HL of which 25.000HL of Chianti DOCG and 5000HL of Tuscan Wine. Cantina Valdarno now has its own wine making and bottling line of biological wine which represents the 15% of the whole production.

"The quality in our production is our main mission, in which we put our passion and love everyday in order to make a quality outcome at a reasonable pice."

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